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Silk-screen printed plates and panels

Silk-screen printed plates and panels

The silk-screen printing process is realized in wide range of solutions. It allows to personalize costumers’ products through the employment of several materials as aluminum, brass, steel, zinc sheet, etc. According to the material to be silk-screen printed we use different types of paints, catalyzed or not, anyway cooked at temperatures up to 150° – 180° in order to increase their resistance over time.

The mechanical processes, which lead from rough rolled to the realization of plates and panels, are carried out with automatic and CNC machineries (presses, shears and punchers), in order to ensure increasing quality associated to a productivity level that allows us to maintain competitive costs.
We realize different operations on our plates: fixed or progressive marking, engraving, drawing, adhesive application, folding, bending, application of lenticular resin. We realize several mechanical operations on our panels (variable thickness from 1 mm to 10 mm and over): perforation, milling, bending, insertion or welding of pins, etc.

If requested we can cover plates and panels with polycarbonate and polyester. We are technically equipped to realize quickly either large or small and single quantitative without penalize, in both cases, economic evaluations.

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